Why You Need To Arc Spray More Often?

Also referred to as metallizing, as well as spray welding, arc spray is simply a way of depositing materials on a surface using either high speeds or high temperatures. If it is a high temperature, this is considered to be a thermal spray which typically uses a detonation gun, flame or arc spray. Here is an overview of how metallizing occurs, and National Alloy Solutions says what industries this is used in today.

Arc Spray Metallizing

Spray welding is an economical and productive way to do thermal spraying, a way of coaching surfaces with different materials. It utilizes a DC power source, one that will allow the user to energize a couple of conductive wires, one of which is going to be negative in the other positive. When these energized wires go through what is called a theater, directly into the gun head, this is where the wires can meet, and they will arc against each other which can melt the material. No matter what type of thermal spraying that you are doing, whether you are doing plasma, high velocity or wire arc spraying, you are going to leave a fragile layer of this material.

How Thick Is A Typical Layer?

The thickness can vary from about a half a mile to four, and the thickness is typically the result of making multiple passes. It requires special equipment to accomplish this helping to prevent injuries from occurring to the person that is using the arc welder who could be anything from burns to blindness. Once the person has chosen a type of material to use which could be zinc, aluminum, or even a type of ceramic or plastic, it will make this material much more resistant to decomposition, which is why this procedure is often done. Click on this WordPress Blog for even more information about spraying!

Safety Precautions To Consider

On the same topic, even though this is the most economical way to do this type of layering, as well as the most productive, it can also be the most dangerous. The sheer volume of materials that can be coated may cause a person to do this type of work for many hours on end, which can lead to significant damage or injuries. Whether they are breathing the fumes, being exposed to the light, or the heat, this can all lead to problematic situations. As mentioned earlier, if the two wires come together, creating the arc, actually put into contact with the person, it could leave them with permanent scarring or damage. Proper gloves, clothing, and goggles must be worn to do this type of work.

Summary Of Arc Spray Coating

In summary, the term arc spray is essentially any process that involves the use of the two hot wires in an attempt to coat a material using powder, a rod, or wire. If the molten powder is used, this is typically associated with plasma arc welding, whereas HVOF uses an oxidized fuel in the form of pressurized gas. No matter what type of arc spray that is done, it must be done under proper safety guidelines in using the right source material. Once completed, the materials that have the coating will last as much as 75 percent longer after they are treated, making this a very popular treatment for certain materials.

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